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Relaxation & Rejuvenation

Welcome To Collective Alchemists

An Alchemist is one who transforms all energies into higher frequencies of light and love. We are bringers of a New Dawn, transmuting the old paradigms into a higher intelligence and order. We act solely for the highest good of all. Love is the only master we answer to.

Agnes Prescott

Agnes Prescott

Co-Founder - Reiki Practitioner/Teacher - Herbologist

Agnes' Website

Agnes Prescott is co-founder of Collective Alchemists healing center and Master certified Reiki practitioner and teacher. Raised in the Alps of Switzerland, finding healing in nature has always come intuitively to Agnes. She has accumulated extensive knowledge in herbalism through advanced classes from the Elderberry School of Natural Medicine. What sets Agnes apart has been her self- driven, intuitive, tenacity to create a healthy and holistic life for herself and her loved ones, through years of practice and patience. In 2010 Agnes’s husband was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer, once again she was determined to find a holistic approach to support his health, examining western approaches and immersing herself in alternative therapies such as Rife frequency therapy, infrared bio-mat, ionic foot bath, nutrition, herbalism and many more. Agnes’ husband continues to maintain a good quality of life to this day. To learn more about the variety of therapies Agnes has utilized in her approach to holistic healing, or about her husband’s journey to health, feel free to inquire through her website. 

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Dave Shepp

Dave Shepp

Co-Founder / Reiki Teacher / Life Coach / Claircognizant / Podcast Host / Author / Artist / Crystal Healer / Cupping Therapist

Dave's Website

Dave Shepp is the co-founder of CollectiveAlchemists healing center and is an intuitive life-coach, business coach,instructor, public speaker, author, and healer.  He specializes in helping others find their life’s purpose and transitioning them into an aligning career.

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Maiya Ann Kennedy

Maiya Ann Kennedy

Crystal Healer / Sound Therapist

Sessions  Crystal Healing, Sound Therapy Crystals, Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Universal Energy

Tesla said that if you want to understand the key to the universe, think in terms of frequency, energy and vibration. In our sessions we play with all of those elements. The world which we perceive as solid, is actually made up of multiple frequencies.  Your body is also an orchestra of frequencies and like an orchestra requires tuning up in order to be harmonious.  Trauma, illness and negative thoughts create unbalance, unhappiness and further illness. In these sessions, we utilize the wonderful frequencies of the crystals, the vibrations of the crystal bowls and tuning forks and energy.  Sound is super charged when energy is also used.  I bring forth energy from Source and I AM Presence.. Some people have reported that they can feel the crystal vibrations increase with the sound of the bowls. It is a multi level experience which works on your physical level and your vast energetic and electrical system.  Healing is always an individual path.  It requires your intention and commitment.  We are the masters of our universe and everything can be healed.

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Sharon Slaybough

Sharon Slaybough

Raindrop Therapist (Young Living Essential Oils)

About sixteen years ago, I found that when I was sitting  I was always trying to scoot around to find a comfortable position for my lower back.  I went to a Naturopath who suggested I have a standing x-ray taken.  The x-ray showed a definite curve in my lower spine, with inflammation.  The doctor diagnosed it as an Onset Scoliosis.  When someone has experienced a trauma, or a debilitating illness, for example, an infection may lodge in a weak area of the body.  MIne was my lower spine. He gave me a few exercises to do, said get more rest, and suggested some supplements.Shortly thereafter I met a lady who introduced me to the Oils.  She gave me a few pages of literature, one of which described the Raindrop Therapy and some results Dr. Young had with his patients.  One was a healing of an Onset Scoliosis!  The following weekend I was the recipient of a Raindrop Therapy demonstration!  I felt better...I bought 3 oils before I left on a long driving trip from Beaverton to Campbell River.  If my back hurt a little, I would apply an oil or 2. The discomfort would stop!  I continued this on my trip. Then I discovered that if I just opened the bottle and smelled the oil, the discomfort would stop!  The length of time between the discomfort was getting further between.  When I returned from the trip, I called the lady and discussed this phenomenon.  I was amazed!  I purchased the Raindrop Therapy KIt, and began learning about the  OIls....I bought the Desk Reference and studied about How to give a Raindrop. I practiced on my family and friends.  They loved the Raindrop!  Then I took the formal training of the Raindrop Therapy .  Since then I have given at least 150 Raindrop sessions. I also add other oils if a patient asks, or if I am guided to apply an additional oil.  I have added Reiki and a few more techniques as well. And, I do love to share the Raindrop.  Try a may be amazed

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Sharel Fox

Sharel Fox

Energy Healer / Spirit Reading / Guided Meditations

For me being part of Collective Alchemists is born from over 30 years of helping others through the use of readings, guided meditations and energy healing. About 40 years ago I was introduced to Reiki and discovered I had been doing energy healing my whole life. Over the years I have developed my vibrational frequencies to adapt to the unique energy of each individual. I have been doing guided meditation/visualization for over 20 years. Visualization can be used for many purposes... working in tandem with with doctors for healing of injuries, seeking guidance for spiritual and/or personal growth. I also do spirit guided readings and I am currently learning to work with bio-magnetic energy for healing.

call (503) 867-6500 for an appointment
Susie Chriswisser

Susie Chriswisser

Intuitive Massage Therapist / Cupping Therapist

Susie Chriswisser is an intuitive and compassionate Massage Therapist. Her specialty is in creating a safe and caring massage experience that is intuitive and graced with love. Her goal is for you to genuinely heal and release pain, feel taken care of and pampered during your session with her. Susie believes that true caring starts with the self. By taking care of our body, mind and spirit we are better able to take care of those we love and be the best versions of ourselves. This is called Self Love and is a must in order to live an empowered life and truly empower those we love.

Call (503) 568-4599 for an appointment
Melissa Anderson

Melissa Anderson

Reiki Practitioner

Not taking new clients currently
Tyler Sills

Tyler Sills

Sound Healer

Tyler's Website

I use crystal and metal singing bowls to help harmonize your chakras and repair any aura "impairments" that you may be holding within your space. I am also practitioner of high magick.  Working with my guides, archangels and singing bowls I use all of my gifts at my disposal to help you to attain personal growth, healing, living a happy life, and achieving your self actualization 

Call (541) 729-0468 for an appointment

When you join us for a healing session, we offer peace to your mind, body, and spirit. We have created a wonderful space to heal and rejuvenate you. Our healers are professional and powerful. We pride ourselves on making a difference in your life.

Call (503) 816-6400 to make an appointment to come visit our crystal store.

All Crystals have been imbued with Reiki Healing Energy for specific intentions.

Every Tuesday, Free Healing Sessions for First Responders and Medical Personnel.

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